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Town Hall meetings | Town Hall meetings

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Notwithstanding your political views, what is happening in town hall meetings across our country exemplifies the worst in human interaction. What happened to the question-answer colloquies that allow each side to be heard? They appear to have been supplanted with free-for-all gatherings, where one...
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What is it with the crazies with the guns at the town halls complaining about the health care reform death panels? There are no health care reform death panels. Is this what constitutes legitimate dissent now? Just making stuff up? Okay. Fine. I want to protest the black capsules the government...
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Today is a glorious day indeed. First, our youngest daughter began kindergarten this morning, amidst great excitement and enthusiasm, and was walked to her classroom by her big sister (in 2nd grade), who felt especially "adult" for getting to do that, I'm sure. And secondly, because...
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 Hosts Earl Merkel and David Latko are on a "free speech" binge this week on talk-radio's MONEY & MORE, examining some of the more troubling issues of cyber-stalking and privacy-rights questions that have erupted in the midst of the national healthcare town hall meetings. Among them...
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Fear is the mind killer, Frank Herbert wrote. However, fear is but half the equation of domination. The second half is hopelessness. We saw, clearly demonstrated in the early years of this century, the ease with which fear and hopelessness saturates freedom. The insane activities of a single man...