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Tower of London | Tower of London

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The infamous Tower of London. It was here that the two younger brothers of Princess Elizabeth were murdered. Since Elizabeth was the oldest daughter of Edward IV, she became heiress to the throne. Her father had negotiated with several men to marry her but it had not happened, leaving her unmarried...
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September 15, 2010, Kew, Richmond, Surry, England: Touring:  I’ve been here for two days and, it’s odd, but I hardly feel I’m in a foreign country. Of course, the busy people of London speak English. Thank God and the Queen for that! No, it’s just that everything feels familiar, as if I’d stepped...
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 This week as the clock ticked by the 1000 days until the Olympics opens in Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II visited the Olympic Park in east London to inspect preparations for the 2012 Games. Her Majesty planted the first of four thousand trees on the park site and met workers involved in the...