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Laurie and I are in the Burbs of Chicago… Hoffman Estates. We’re here for a variety of reasons documented in a recent blog. But, to give you a sense of this iconic city, let me remind you about it’s fabulous ties to cinema. Several classics come to mind. The opening scenes of Some Like it Hot,...
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One of the problems with studying in film school, being a movie buff and getting older is that at some point in ones' life a man ventures into the video store, peruses the shelves and reaches the conclusion that he has seen every movie worth seeing. I thought I was getting there until a few years...
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Helen Gurley Brown was a best-selling author and publisher. As the iconic editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan Magazine for three decades, she spoke for woman’s issues, and captured the essence of the feminine mystique. Her husband produced top films, including Jaws, The Sting, Cocoon, and Driving Miss...
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The movie star Tony Curtis died this past week at 85. Curtis occupies a special place in my mental pantheon, as the embodiment of Hollywood's shrewd and cynical rendering of cultural identity during the middle years of the last century. In the milieu I came up in, a much-loved pastime was...
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 I’m saddened by the recent passing of talented folks from Hollywood’s Golden Age: TONY CURTIS - A Hollywood legend! Tony Curtis appeared in big-budget films, and was an Oscar-nominee for his work on The Defiant Ones. He starred in Operation Petticoat, Some Like It Hot, Spartacus, The Great Race,...
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   ‘And catch the heart off guard … and blow it open’ :  at the Clifden Arts Week, September 17-27, 2009.Pat MullanI live in Connemara now in a place called Recess where smart alecs recently added an ‘ion’ to the road sign turning it into Recession, fitting I suppose for the time that is in it – as...