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"Marinara Worth Mastering" the NYT heads up its Dining Section this morning, with catchy alliteration. I eat pasta with tomato sauce every single night of the year and never get tired of it, so  when I read that "spaghetti with tomato sauce is a dish that a person might crave virtually...
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I am putting off closing my computer, putting off changing and heading for the gym, where my rib cage and whatever the muscles are underneath is going to ache because I must have exercised them unreasonably much, coming back from three weeks of no gym--but lots of walking--in Paris and London. But...
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Christmas was truly a holy one for us, and every year Dad would paint the inside of the house, adding his artistic creations so that it truly looked like a Hallmark card, what with so many children, bicycles, dolls, and toys around the Christmas tree. The nativity scene was beautifully arranged on...