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Even with writing from staples of the journalistic essay - sex, romance, humor, and, of course, NYC - Ephron found ways to freshen up those old subjects and make them contemporary.  In the 60s, during a protracted newspaper strike, she and others began their own newspaper, where Ephron...
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If you are an actor, you look to Brando or Olivier. A politician, if truth is your ally, Reagan or Churchill. High tech, Jobs or Gates. Business, Trump, or Rockefeller. As a writer, there are many examples to choose from, but in the modern world we look to the cutting edge, the men who forged New...
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Yesterday's face was that of Joan Didion. Didion's innovative style of memoir writing has surely influenced the writing of every would-be memoirist since the 'sixties brought her to the literary foreground. Her confessional postures, connected via a journalistic style to a sense of place and...
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I can't keep up with all the different genres that have cropped up over the years. Crime fiction can be a thriller or a police procedural or a cozy detective novel, or hard boiled. Romance fiction can be Christian or sweet or erotic or paranormal or sensuous and there is no more bodice ripping even...
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It’s that time of year again … yes, the Literary Review’s Bad Sex Award shortlist has been announced. As The Guardian reports, among the dubious honorees this year are Paul Theroux (for A Dead Hand), Philip Roth (for The Humbling), and Sanjida O’Connell (for The Naked Name of Love). Previous...