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Newt Gingrich, pandering to aerospace workers in the Florida primary, promises to colonize the moon and run regular flights to Mars. And he’s got something in his gift bag for Cuban-Americans too -- military action against the commie regime down there.      You might wonder how...
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This week someone cut the locks to our gate and pilfered items from our land. Although the thievery could have been far worse, it still feels violating. A few days before that, my husband and I drove out to the property with our stomachs in knots, anxious to see if the deluge of rain had flooded...
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Do you want to know the real reason why women always go to the toilets in pairs? Obviously and most immediately it is to talk about Men and what is Wrong (or Right) With Them, but there is a deeper more instinctive reason why we do so.We need someone to hold our handbag while we take a dump. This...
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There is literary merit in the fact that J D Salinger’s toilet seat is up for auction. Think about the ideas many creative people say they get when they are digesting more than thoughts. Is there any truth in this phenomenon? As a somewhat creative person, I do come up with the most imaginative...
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All toilets are not created equally. We learned this in graphic detail while we were building our new small eco friendly house. We, of course, picked up one of those low volume water new toilets and since our house has a guest bath, we bought two of them new and shiny white in their boxes and...