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Whenever I buy toilet paper, I can never make up my mind. So many choices--soft, softest, ultra soft? Septic safe, environmentally safe, mentally safe? Scented or unscented? Made from trees, last year's newspapers, or bubble gum wrappers? 1000-ply or 200? In addition, there's the number of rolls...
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Kafka is a literary hero of mine, sliding his bemused way - in my humble opinion - toward godhead. Kafka is not the comfort read for everyone. Though well-known in literary circles, and a staple of papers for the Academic treadmill, he might not get classed as a "popular" author for...
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In this day of shortened attention spans I consider it an accomplishment when I read more than 500 words without getting distracted by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, ESPN, or a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes I am distracted by all of these simultaneously. This is where the toilet comes in. Years...
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Everything changed in our house the moment I brought home a twelve-pack of expensive toilet paper to replace the generic facsimile I had been purchasing for years from the large discount chain store down the road. Oh, I knew we’d come a long way from the early days in America when settlers were...
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My most memorable loo story is at Madame Tussaud’s. A Canadian woman accosted me after I came out of the facility with, “Are you Indian?” “Yes.” “Oh, I am surprised. I did not know Indians flushed…” “What?” I gasped as I stood near the wash basin. “I hear that Indians do it in the street.” “Who...