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Today, I turn the coveted blog chair over to a wonderful woman I've met at Killer Nashville and didn't get to spend as much time talking with as I would have liked. Today she honors me by stopping by my place on her blog tour to promote her latest endeavor, Murder In The Worst Degree. So be nice to...
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Many things are excused and explained by the statement: "It was a good idea at the time." But - I dunno - so many of these are beyond any such realm. [DE] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 40 Worst Book Covers and Titles Ever I’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover, but when the cover has a...
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My own titles range from the very simple - The Elephant Talks To God - to one which came to me as I ate a meal in a restaurant - There Has Been A Sighting - to something deliberately and doubly sinister - Darkroom. I haven't really plucked a quote from another source, nor...
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As far as is known, the plays we watch penned by Shakespeare do not have the titles which Shakespeare gave them. In fact, Shakespeare might not have had any titles for his plays. The titles we are used to are often bluntly straight forward: Hamlet; Macbeth; Henry Six Part Two; Henry Six Part Three...
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Would you read 'Cooking with Poo' or would the title put you off? That it might not alter your culinary skills seems like a given. Yet, it appears there is a range of book names, less mysterious and more confounding. If they were in the realm of bizarre fiction, one might have considered some...
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If you can't say it five times fast, change it. If you can say it ten times fast, it has changed you.
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      First of all, this is very personal. You're you in a moment in time with things in you that you can't discover without the right book's help, so picking the right book matters a great deal.   There's only one way to pick the wrong book--have someone whose taste you...
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Weeks fly by.  Same weeks stand perfectly still.  Two faces of timelessness of one and the same untitled life.
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  Like every author on the planet, I’ve spent endless hours mulling over creating titles for my work. One strives, of course, to be both memorable and honestly descriptive of the content. There are also marketing aspects to be considered. The marquee value cannot be neglected since the book...
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You'll have to be a BIG! Hemingway fan to want to read this one. Still, it might help you writers out there to feel more at home with your own false starts and, um, bleepy titles. Whenever I work on a piece of writing more than a few days, I create a “dump file” where I can store my many...