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My thoughts have been waking me up at 3 am these past days. I wish they gave me some consideration waiting until 4 am, my normal waking hour. My mind is always ahead of my body clock. Sometimes he stays awake all night causing me lack of sound sleep.   Stubborn mind has trouble listening to my...
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Laziness has taken control And I am gradually turning idle Getting up late in the morning And not even sincerely praying Enough time is there to exercise And also to take a long walk Still I while away time foolishly And regret in the night the loss Nearly three months have passed I have not...
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  November 29     John Grisham     My time hovering low over the ocean has filled me until I am ready to drop.  The weight of what is inside me bears down; I know with the slightest cooperation I will become a rainmaker.  I am mostly fine with this; I know from...
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I try not to touch.. I don't want to call you from this world of bliss... I can see the spectrum of a smile on your lips, though they are neutral.. I can see tiredness leaving, slipping silently from your aura, leaving way, unblocking, this opaque, thick tiredness, for your soul to glow back.. Stay...
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There are few constant rules to writing which apply to everyone. But there are some. One is to realize that what you are doing (and may have been doing for years and with which you are very comfortable) is no longer working. It is difficult to alter a comfortable routine of long-standing, but, if...
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I'm rather suspecting that churning out 77 thousand usable words in under twenty-five days has simply broken my brain. Last year I managed just over 50 K in 25 days and still haven't done a damn thing about editing that story (it's a goodie too) but I couldn't bring myself to take the time away...