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Tina Field Howe | Tina Field Howe

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Along my 550 shows I have got to know many authors, some I have even met. However today’s guest Tine Field Howe I have not only met, but joined in her audio show narrating some of the characters during an “open to the public” sample of her award winning audio book taken from the “The Tellings of...
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Like an old Bing Crosby and Bob Hope movie I was off on the road to... well Corning NY, this last Saturday, which of course coincided with the first snow of the winter. While I did not meet Dorothy Lamour (am I sounding old) along the way, I did get to meet some great people who'd I previously...
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A Book and a Chat with "Tina Field Howe" On today's "BOOK AND A CHAT" I had a really fun and enjoyable radio program chatting to Tina Field Howe writer, graphic designer, Stained Glass designer, poet, lyricist and illustrator and now as we found out during the show theatrical...