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An Interview with Harrison Solow, by Brian y Tarw Llywd: http://americymru.net/profiles/blogs/an-interview-with-harrison NOTE: This is a very long interview. ___________________________ Americymru: Congratulations for being awarded the prestigious Pushcart Prize for your work entitled *Bendithion...
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I heard your eyes were blue before we met. Yes, blue, the village whispered, right and wrong. Blue was their righteous sibilant refrain – Insistent yet inaudible to me.   They never saw that dazed obsidian orb, Effulgent, swell within its sapphire womb Involuntary black as Rhondda coal Dark...
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"Selecting stories for the anthology, The Ground Beneath Her Feet & other stories & poems was no easy task, but from the first read Harrison Solow’s ‘The Postmaster’s Song’ leapt off the page. The style is engaging and innovative. From the three possible beginnings to the delightful end,...
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One Spring Morning - From The Postmaster's Song, by Harrison Solow On the way to the university, even though she was running a little late, she stopped at the Post Office, which was just across the road from the campus. The Post Office was Mallory’s favourite place in the village. On pale November...
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How can there be a favourite poem? Milton, Dickenson, Browning, cummings, Arnold, Shelley, Frost, Donne, Eliot, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Plath, Thomas, Pope, Whitman, Blake, Ginsberg, Chaucer, Hopkins, Neruda, Williams, Spenser, Angelou, Byron, Pound, Coleridge, Roetke, Hildegard of Bingen... There...