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Photo: Sydney, Australia, celebrating New Year's Day in 2007, from "New Year's Day" page on Wikipedia.   Really simple blog entry this time: Happy New Year to all my readers, and to anyone who happens to stumble in.  Here's to better health, better happiness, better times.   And...
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  Hands with prayer   Oh God and almighty, Shower some pity There lies eternal and divine beauty I feel and want to be part of every moment  Whether it memorable or sad movement   So wonderful world to live in with blessings Courageous stand when comes for facing Not loosing...
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In my 34 years of ministry, I have rarely seen such intense dealings of the Lord with his Church and HIs ministers.  The Lord is not winking at the discrepancies and error that ministers have taken with the Word in order to support their doctrines, ideologies and love of money. The Lord is not...