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The sand in the hour glass is moved rapidly today. Time seems to be rushing to nowhere. I keep trying to slow it down, and make the hours lengthen, but it’s not working. My husband leaves on Thursday morning.  It seems like he just got here. We had almost four weeks, and now they are gone. No...
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Slow down. You're going too fast.
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Three boxes are stacked on the dining room table. Garnet Hill, it seems, has delivered Mere's Christmas present early. The familiar Amazon logo is on the middle box. At the bottom of the pile is the familiar red, white and blue of a large Express Mail package, dented and slightly torn. I try to...
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I often hear, "I don't have time to meditate." In our society where time equals money, this statement is hard to dispute. The new movie "In Time" takes this concept to the extreme. Time has become the currency. A cup of coffee costs four minutes of one's life. The very fact that time is precious is...
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The Writer is in a sour mood. I wrote an entry about his mood but deleted it without posting it. Too much of a downer to inflict on others, bitching and whining about modern life, laughing about how so many of his fantasies are about starting over on other worlds, away from moneyed politics and...
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I love this extra hour. I want to have it every week. Yes, I know, well, the reason why we do it...blah, blah. But in my science fiction fantasy world, you're allotted 12 extra hours a year, use them or lose them. You accrue them by being alive, conscious, and over 18 (in the US - Federal law). You...
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It rains, it snows, time takes me in the depths of a shallow storm; wishing for a tropical place to get warm.  Melting away the frost, pricing the rays of the sun at a hefty cost.  Time determines a mood, collecting fragments of an obscure doom.   ...
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The days stand before me, endless with little of substance to fill them. Yet, the hours pass quickly, knowing full well they will never again return. It’s as if they are pleased they got away with it – escaped before being tapped, sated with a promise forsaken. 
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Do you ever feel like we are running out of time? There is so much to do, always running around, busy.   Too busy to stop and have a face to face conversation.  This is the age of Twitter, Facebook, G+, texting.  No one even picks up the phone, yet you keep in touch that way and...
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It’s too dark in the morning.  I don’t like that Daylight Savings Time lasts so long.  And it’s still another 2 weeks before we go back to standard time.  Standard Time; that has become a misnomer.  Standard time now lasts 5 months and DST lasts 7 months.  So how can it be...