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      I am currently sat next to a large window in my kitchen with my laptop on my knee.  An Apple MacBook Pro for the geeks that need to know these things. I treated myself to it some time ago when I needed a little pick me up and when I was tired of having to restart my old laptop...
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Another post by team Long ShotMy last post was on having a bad day and how to bounce back. Naturally, lots of different methods are available to every individual, but after the events of this past bad week, I felt a crying need to get away from it all. Given the opportunity, I packed my bags and...
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     Okay, I’m back to being a writer now, after taking several months off to do other things.     Here are some of the things I did:     Created a beautiful jungle  garden in my backyard, which now has mint, basil, sunflowers, impatiens, primroses, petunias, ferns, sparrows, morning doves,...
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  http://www.freewebs.com/behaviourmanagement/timeoutinroom.htm Yesterday I was told to take a "Time Out" twice. It is possible I have never been told this even once before in my life. Is it me, or is it them? The first time, in the morning, was over the internet. In that social meeting...