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                I was born in June 1945, or was it between 1890 and 1910? Once I took a Reader’s Digest quiz to predict my age according to vocabulary. Did I wear a watch, a wristwatch, a timepiece? Did I call a chair protector a...
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We're back from snow skiing near Flagstaff, Arizona, and it was a great time. It was also great timing. We'd made the hotel reservations and purchased discount lift tickets at Snowbowl weeks ago. Obviously, we had no idea what conditions would be like, but we were pleased when it began snowing in...
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Read Brenden Allen's post about the 'normal' period for grieving. It's a good read. He's articulate and thoughtful. Naturally reading it propelled me down a dark, overgrown garden path where the stones are moldy. Unsurprising,  I ran into Ed. Ed is not dead although I'm dead to him. Neither of...
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We went on a day trip to spend a little time with my folks yesterday. It was a chance for my oldest child to see his grandparents for the first time since Winter Break. My parents were in the mood to share some terrific stories from the past. My Dad recalled the time he suffered a minor injury...
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In the sphere of sport,it might be said that Brian Lara's world view of cricket was such that it enabled him to produce a special brand of batting pyrotechnics,thereby breaking the world test batting record twice-his last epic 400 runs standing almost unassailable. In the realm of literature and...