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In English, we say “Shhh” to mean “Quiet down.” In Yiddish, it’s “Sha.” If a nightmare sent me into inconsolable sobs, my grandmother would say, “Sha, sha, bubeleh, don’t scare yourself, it’s only a dream,” and that gave me some comfort. My grandmother was a tiny, ruthless person with biceps...
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I’ve been spending long delicious hours in a tiny world, the space bordered on one side by my computer and the other by my chair. I’m doing a last pass through my manuscript, reading aloud as I edit. In a week or two, I will send it to a few lovely people who’ve agreed to read and respond, and...
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(c) 2011 Jeanne Powell"Anatomy of a Poem"all rights reserved In those halcyon days before I discovered coffee actually was drinkable, I used to relax with a cup or two of freshly brewed tea -- frequently  the Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong from China.   On such afternoons I read the...
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Back in 1996, Tikkun published my essay, "Let Them Eat Pie: Philanthropy à la Mode." Fourteen years later, I still get messages from people thanking me for it. I'd like to think that's because my analysis of philanthropic power relations and their discontents wowed readers with its...