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Woke up this morning and found myself in despair by the toiling news coming out of Tibet. So I decided to try and teach a little history lesson today. Tibet is one of the greatest Buddhist nations in the world. I have been blessed with having many friends that are Tibetan and have studied their...
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Every spiritual path has its core stories, signposts that point to new directions under new circumstances. I went to a wonderful retreat for Yom Kippur, and in a very old story, I found a fresh reminder of possibility. (The retreat that enabled this deep work was created by my friend ...
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  If you're like me, you make a new year's resolution and you fail. Well, it's that time of year again! Every year, people make resolutions to start yoga, lose weight, change their diet, begin meditating and become healthy. And every year, they fail miserably. And that's a good thing, says...
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Back in the Sixties I began studying yoga with a guru in San Francisco who rather jealously promoted strict celibacy.  Not untypically, he later became involved in a sexual scandal. However, I learned much from him, and to his credit he promoted my poetry and urged me to publish it. At the same...