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  A look at the Neo-Noir AntiHeroby Joseph Armstead   Urban fantasy fiction: it's all about attitude.  No white hats. In popular genre literary fiction, the rise in the popularity of Antiheroes as story protagonists represents a definite cultural shift by modern readers away from the...
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Whose story is it?  That is a question every writer needs to ask him or herself before starting to write a novel, or if not then certainly while writing and revising it. From whose viewpoint are you telling the story?  Is it single viewpoint or multiple viewpoint? Is it male or...
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At Monks Brook U3A (Southampton - UK) on 8 January I was delighted to talk to the audience about my DI Andy Horton crime novels, how I draw my inspiration from the area in which the novels are set ( the Solent area on the South Coast of England) and my method for developing plot lines and creating...
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A secretive society of powerful women practices deadly occult mysticm against its enemies. Now at Amazon Kindle.
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HERE'S A LISTING OF CONTESTS, INTERVIEWS, BLOGS AND REVIEWS FOR THE FINAL CUT.   I will be updating this post with additional links as they come in.* CONTEST Enter the Diamond Sweepstakes, sponsored by Putnam and Adler's of New Orleans (Open until September 30, 2013)...
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The lone survivor of a fatal freeway crash is pursued by a sinister, phantom figure.  Now at Amazon Kindle.
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I've just uploaded a new video to my You Tube Channel, which you can view here.  In this video interview I'm talking to Tony Smith about bringing in the baddie. It's also featured on my publisher's website. There are lots more interviews on my You Tube Channel where I'm discussing many aspects...
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Plot lines don’t mean squat without memorable characters. Characters don’t even really have to be people. Seriously, they can be machines, aliens, animals, plants, whatever. But if they don’t drive the story, then they aren’t doing their job, and they might as well not even be there. I’ve read...
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Next time, advance sonograms. Definitely, much more attention to prenatal visits! "Information I could have used earlier" -sonogram in accompanying illustration. This is gonna complicate my estate planning, considerably... Yes. Three on one day! --delivered by those fine folks at Diversion Books (...
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I'm often asked how I come up with titles for my crime novels and the answer is sometimes with great difficulty. However some titles can come instantly, almost the moment the novel hits the page although that is rare. Dead Man's Wharf was one such case. In Dead Man's Wharf, the fourth in the...