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Or an innovative combination of both. I am about to introduce villains to my thriller, at page 150. In detail. Up close and personal. Speaking to each other. Revealing their thoughts. Now, they have appeared on the novel already , doing their nefarious deeds, causing the good guys bad times. They...
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U Pick the Cover Contest!!! As my readers you get to pick the cover for Book Two in the In Lies Series, Captured In Lies. Go to www.kellyabellbooks.com to vote TODAY and be entered into a contest to win a copy of Captured In Lies, Your Name in the Acknowledgement of the Book, and In Lies Prize...
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Gabrielle Faust, a horror author best known for her dark fantasy vampire series ETERNAL VIGILANCE, recently interviewed me on her Horror and Sci-Fi Entertainment blog. Read the intervew at this link: http://www.examiner.com/x-23384-Horror-and-SciFi-Entertainment-Examiner~y2009m10d7-Brian-Moreland-...
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When I'm not writing novels, I work as a video editor on documentaries, TV commercials, and corporate videos. This year I was invited to travel to Iraq to edit a TV commercial. On January 1st, 2010, Tostitos and the USO hosted a "Salute the Troops" Bowl game, where the soldiers stationed...
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Evernight Academy is a vampire boarding school that has just been ravaged by a terrible fire. Once the only refuge for Bianca and her lover Lucas, it is now no longer a haven from the harsh world that seeks to destroy every vampire. At the forefront of this movement to eliminate their kind is...
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Visit www.snedelton.com and check out CROSSROADS. It's getting five stars reviews and is well liked by readers. It is available in paperback and ebook formats and available direct from my web site home page. And by order from bookstores. THE RAVEN AFFAIR should be out soon too, in ebook format and...
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Author and blog interviewer Joylene Butler asks me questions about my paranormal suspense/thriller Struck and my writing. The interview is posted on Joylene's blog at www.cluculzwriter.blogspot.com. To go directly to my interview, CLICK HERE.
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     Tis the season for the tinkle tinkle of bells. And ringing cell phones. Regarding cell phones, I resisted having one, fought it nail and tooth, but finally caved in a few years back when the kids got so busy with activities I couldn’t keep track of them anymore. It did make my life...
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First of all, I must wish all our US friends and contacts a very happy Thanksgiving Day - hope it's all going swimmingly for you. Here at the other side of the water, however, I fear I have been overtaken by a determined wave of period pain (garrrgggghhh ....) so my day of pootling about and novel-...
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There is a fab new interview up at Weronika's blog. Pop over and have a read!  http://www.weronikajanczuk.com/2009/11/interview-author-cat-connor.html Now why oh why is my terrorbyte cover not showing up on the 'book to promote' thingy here? It's really annoying me!