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Please stop by and visit The Tainted Archive where my guest interview is posted.  http://tainted-archive.blogspot.com/2010/04/passion-for-stories-kelly-abell.html  
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An e-mail from the folks at Lightning Source, a slight delay but the proof of my novel So Dark the Night should be printed up tomorrow.  Will it be pristine, absolutely glitch-free, the book ready for production?  Or will there be another delay as we try to figure out how to get those flippin'...
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Thought you might enjoy a brief excerpt from Sealed In Lies Book One in the In Lies Series. Available on www.solsticepublishing.com, www.amazon.com, and www.smashwords.com.  Print versions will be available soon. He silently made his way down the carpeted hallway. He waited patiently for the...
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Want access to news about all the authors and great deals at Solstice?  Sign up for their free newsletter today!  Also take advantage of a coupon that will give you $5.99 back for every $18.00 you spend.  You can buy at least three ebooks for that price and get one or more free.  www....
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      Time lines are important in any novel - lest it all fall apart. Everything happens in time (even those novels which deal with time travel and time jumping - there time lines are even more important, lest how do you know how to break them?) And so they are important in a *...
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Today is the last day to enter the U Pick The Cover contest over at my website.  Your vote is entered into a contest to win a copy of the book, be mentioned in the acknowledgements, and some other special prizes.  Enter today www.kellyabellbooks.com
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While some people just about manage to fill their lives with one career, my guest on today's show has managed three, and that is "so far". Jack Gresham, has been a pilot in the United States Air Force, orthopedic surgeon, and now successful author of his the first novel in a set of...
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You ever have one of those days where you just can't catch up with things? Tonight's show was one of those events. I was running a little late due to work, children and the "I've just cooked that dinner you had better eat it before your show starts." I logged onto the system and...
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Then it's time you read TERRORBYTE! Book trailer, free PDF sample chapter and all relevant links can be found through this link!  http://catconnor.wordpress.com/about/terrorbyte/   According to the reviews:   Bookwenches said "This is one of the best suspense novels that I have read in a...
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Read an E Book Week is underway (7-13 March)  and my crime thriller novel In For The Kill is being featured as a free download for one week only.  There has already been a tremendous response, as you would imagine with hundreds of hits on my official web site.  Some authors might not like one of...