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When it comes to protecting an organization’s information, flaws with this can involve either implementing strong technology to protect too much trivial data, or inadequate protection of important and sensitive data. In short, not enough attention is cast upon a company’s most important...
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I was on a call this morning, the day's first.  Three calls were scheduled to begin at 7 AM and end at 8.  Another was scheduled for 7:30.  I was on my first cup of coffee and feeling a little testy.  The day had begun with NO INTERNET CONNECTION.  Egads, I gasped. ...
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The book signing on the 17th in Weston-super-Mare went very well indeed. Westonians are very supportive of local authors... of locals in general actually... so the Weston events are always a pleasure. Had the 'real' Pat Guppy managed to get her way, however, this particular one wouldn't have gone...
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To “strong-arm” someone, we use threats or intimidation to coerce that person into doing what we want. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say “we.” I like inclusiveness, but I’m not sure “we” serves me too well here. (I also like to be a bit more discreet about my use of threats and intimidation.) Turns out,...
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My wife and I have been receiving harassing and threatening email messages over the past week! This is not a literary post, sorry.  Instead, my mind has been elsewhere and I've been preoccupied with bizarre happenings.  It's a very long, complicated story, and due to certain variables, I do not...