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I just witnessed the most remarkable display of ingenuity, creativity, and organization I’ve seen in a long time. I got off the shuttle bus at the LAX airport in LA, after a short ride from the Hilton Hotel. The bus driver, who doubled as a baggage handler, managed to board 25 passengers, arrange...
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All phenomenology is just life of skin: the inner-outer dynamics of whatever is. Skin of Being
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This article about writers and walking is, er, right up my alley.  I attempt to get in a two hour walk a day. I started because, frankly, any sort of prescribed exercise regimen bores me silly. I can't say my brain is a'hummin' with plots and characters, and I imagine my writing "Eureka"...
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within the confines of corporeal thought. (believe me, there is a difference. there is bodily thought and celestial thought.) i am my dreams.  my limbs, languid, betray my bold will. my love moves away and into me. i must be to blame for this fickle nature. i must also be to blame for the...
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It hurts most when dear one is lostMentally shaken, bodily broken and paying heavy costLovely child has occupied beautiful mind What a pain and agony when not to find “We have rose like child in our home” wrote brother You are father now and so is nice health of motherHe was third child...
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Any book that is written is an expression of the writer's own delusion and fantasy. Dialectic or non-dialectic ideas are either functional or not functional, depending on the contrived needs of the moment. That is also why it makes no difference if there is war or peace, hunger or plenty, good or...
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When was the last time you had a good conversation?  I saw an interview today with Christopher Hitchens, one of the great of conversationalists of all time, and I thought how desperately I missed really good conversation.  Not the exchange of pleasantries, or a duet of monologues that passes as...
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“Father Sergius” from The Death Of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories, by Leo Tolstoy       My last comments on this collection of Tolstoy's stories: "Father Sergius" is a rather long story, some 11,000 words. It concerns a long span of years in the life of a Russian prince, Stepan...
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It seems they gave me a blog feature on this website. It sounds pretty exciting, I've never wrote a blog before. As far as blogs go, this ones busting my cherry. We should get this trash train a' rollin'. For starters my name is Philip, you can call me Phil if you want and I reside in Athens GA....
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What is the purpose of the human mind? Why is it so damn smart that it actually becomes aware of itself? Ever wonder? I wonder about that endlessly. Can't help myself really. Like everyone else, my mind loves to obsess. My mind likes to obsess over itself. There's a word for that: can't think of it...