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Recently Copyblogger featured an article guaranteed to catch my eye: 8 Strange Rituals of Very Productive Writers.  Seventy novels later I guess I think of myself as productive and possibly quite strange. So, of course, I had to find out what odd and amazing things my fellow...
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Where did all of the Real Leaders and Legends Go.. This Hip Hop thing started in 1973, to tell the World that "We Want To Be Heard!" I started the Hip Hop Hall of Fame in 1992 while working on the highly publicizes L.A. Gang Truce during the L.A. Riots, providing jobs, opportunities, and...
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I hate to be critical (okay, not really, I love to be critical, but I am always working on that), but have any of you noticed that the redroom homepage appears to be a "little sterile"? Is it just I, or does it seem like maybe there is some secret formula that needs to be applied, some...