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  According to Albertus Magnus, aka ‘Albert the Great’, teacher to Thomas Aquinas. , asserts the following: By reminiscence, sense, and imagination, the intellect proceeds from potentiality to actuality. When it acquires scientia (knowledge) it is the intellectus adeptus, (acquired intellect...
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  Hello there my spiritual friend, This topic is nothing new to most, if not all Christians. This is because in all facets of thinking there is a beginning and an end with varietal stages of its progression or regression. In particular, the Christian standard has three, originally articulated...
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              A year or two ago I was having a conversation with a friend who is a one-half of one per center.  He stated that anybody could be bought for a price.  I didn’t think so.  At the time I was busy writing a book about growing up...
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      The second of three posts on the subject of 'destiny'. The first can be found here. (See update in comment box below for blogs 3 and 4 in the 'destiny' series.)   Destiny. The subject has obsessed philosophers and occupied dreamers for as long as mankind has been trying to...