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Walking back from the laundry room, it was near evening; I looked up into the sky, when I saw a black man in his thirties approach the duplex we live in. He was wearing a satchel that seemed to be bulging with books, a clipboard under his arm. "Hello" I said as I walked up behind him carrying my...
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December 12     Master Mind   I was taught that it was my job to master fear; raised in a religion swearing they could master death.  I used to spend all I had trying to create a master plan, while trying to keep secure using a Master lock.  I have seen Master &...
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The day turned quite sunny and clear at Bandon, Oregon, yesterday.  Deciding to take advantage of the beach before turning home, I went beach walking. My favorite turned out to be the Oregon Islands at Coquille Point.  Broad and flat, it offered firm sand and expansive seascapes once the...
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Blue sky escaped through Bandon's cloud coverage.  Then...sunshine.... Breaking away from writing, I hopped into the car and drove down to a state park and walked down to the beach. Sunshine, wind and surf.  Light skips off the cresting waves, and the interactions of smell, wind and sun...
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Lately, my mind’s been full with thoughts yet empty of words. Been preoccupied thinking about short travel trips upcoming. And then the long haul trip with dad that I look forward to yet concerns me.   Everything is in place, logistics in order and accountability in check. So my mind has been...
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I'd slipped into a mantra without realizing it, repeating it as drifts of events piled up against me.  With Mom suffering cancer, wife suffering RA, friends suffering cancer, along with the cat, and a second cat suffering kidney failure, I slipped into thinking of them often, wishing, hoping,...
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August 1   Porcellano     Some days I feel like a porcelain doll; hard head, hard hands, hard feet and everywhere else is soft, gormless.  I feel useless and act out my feelings, stumbling through a day of pointless inactivity.  I know that I belong on a shelf or propped...
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We've been coping with heat.  Triple digits haven't been exceeded but our temperature walked over 99 F yesterday. Humans with luck and means are doing what needs to be done to cope.  My cats' coping is interesting.  Mostly they find a place in the morning that's comfortable and go to...
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I've been riding that wheel of balance, struggling between the various tides of existence and relationships that tugs my energy like it's part of an old fashioned taffy pull. Don't you love these mixed metaphors - riding a wheel that's part of a taffy pull? To clarify, I was riding the wheel,...
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  When I’m not thinking, I am pretty much thoughtless.   When I am thinking a lot, does that make me thoughtful?