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My uncle, my mother's youngest brother, lived with his family in a kibbutz. As a child I loved spending the holidays there, and announced to my parents that I planned to move to the kibbutz and go to high school there. They did not dismiss the idea a priori, but as I grew older I realized that my...
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THIS IS TO BE A FAMOUS LETTER This is to be a famous letter. My life is deeply enmeshed in yours. You blossom in the corner of my mind and live there. The image laughs with me. We think with common attitudes. Like-minded, we absorb together the gist of life. Lovingly, we feed on the melody in music...
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Today I am thinking about PROMISES. A promise is a debt. But it doesn't necessarily have to be. I can avoid making it so. When I say I will do something I'd better do it otherwise my credibility will be diminished or even lost completely. However, if there is an unforeseen circumstance that hinders...
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Silence thinks twice This is a prompt from OmmWriter on a new page they have introduced. The 'seed' page lists a series of prompts, much like the ones provided here to get the creative juices moving along those lazy old arteries — at least the ones that are supposed to be contributing to the...
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How much thought do you put into your writing before you actual begin to write? I have the problem of thinking and pondering too much, before I write. I would like some suggestions on how to curb this annoying and time wasting habit. I've tried reading, to be inspired and I've tried creating...
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It is time to change things radically,make the impossible, possible, make peace out of pain,make hope out of frustration. It is time to think outside the box,let white be black, let green be life,let anger fade into love. It is time to release our creativity,so we can begin to observe and...