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For those watching current affairs with an eye sharpened by history, it’s been quite a week since the last <i>Archdruid Report</i> post came out. For starters, American politicians and pundits have gone in for another round of China-bashing, insisting that China’s manipulation of its...
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These days plenty of promoters are pushing grandiose projects for huge, centralized power plants using solar energy.  With the aid of two forgotten inventors and a glass of brandy, the Archdruid demonstrates why the best use of solar energy lies in a completely different direction. The latest post...
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Perhaps the most important and least appreciated detail of the crisis of industrial society hinges on the difference between energy and exergy -- that is, between the quantity of energy and its concentration. With the aid of a friendly solar water heater, the Archdruid explains all in this latest...
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No, to borrow a phrase, they aren't the three suggestions of thermodynamics -- and they have a huge amount to teach us about the shape of the economy that will emerge in the deindustrial era ahead of us. The latest post from The Archdruid Report.
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The second law of thermodynamics, better known as the law of entropy, is the gold standard of physics -- the law you can rely on when everything else gets weird. Why, then, is it as welcome as a slug in a salad in the collective conversation about our energy future? The reason is profoundly human...
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It's hardly news that economists these days spend more time explaining away their mistakes than providing useful guidance to policy makers or the public. Behind the failure of contemporary economics, though, lies a deeper problem:  the mismatch between economic ideas and the laws governing the...