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I check my Stat Counter and my Google stats frequently to see what subject matter I os most interest to my readers. This week it was ‘mothers’.  It called up a myriad of emotions. I have what I call PM and AM time in my mind. The PM time refers to Pre-molestation and the AM is After-...
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Unless you have attempted it yourself there is little hope of understanding suicide. Most think it is a major cop out, someone who lacks the courage to face battles that assail them. Even if you know what those battles are it is still hard to contemplate anyone taking such a drastic measure. After...
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Dear Childhood Pain, You have been living inside the body and the mind of someone I care about, someone who is innocent and needs help.  Why are you there? Did you just appear on your own or were you created by the destructive actions of another person?Did this other person take advantage of the...
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Review Book reviewer Jacqueline Jung says the disintegration of a love affair sent relationship author Tim Kellis on a quest to figure out why-as well as how he could ultimately experience a blissful relationship. According to Jung's review published in NightsAndWeekends.com, Kellis found some...
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Stacey T Pollock's extended article 'Unconditional Love' will be compiled with other authors work in Collective Wisdom - Available in February A collaborative work edited by Donald Gerard, MA, CHT. Collective Wisdom: Powerful Stories and Practical Advice for Achieving Success is a wonderful...