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In honour of Richard Matheson, who died this week, an excerpt from Going Solow: A Life in Hollywood (working title),  by Herbert F. Solow:   "In 1969, shortly after I resigned my position as Vice-president of Desilu Studios/Paramount Television and left behind the three series I had...
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The story discussed below is not my favourite science fiction story. I have several favourites, all written by friends, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Harlan Ellison. Those stories, novels and novelettes have been the topics of innumerable conversations and letters between us. They are touched...
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[A version of this with a nice photo can be seen at my web page A Curious Man.]   (Continued from previous posting) Maybe you’ve heard of Sturgeon’s Law. If not, it goes like this--ninety percent of all books are crap. Theodore Sturgeon, its originator, was  specifically referring to...