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I worked in a library for two years. In those days the expensive/historic books and documents were kept in locked rooms, with a degree of rigmarole needed to see them. Now they are kept in closed stacks up in Archives. Still, if it actually is the librarian who is pilfering and selling (apparently...
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During the holidays, thieves will actually follow delivery trucks, snatching the packages that the driver leaves at peoples’ front doors. Thieves will also cruise around neighborhoods in search of boxes left at front doors—and steal them. Here are numerous tips on how to protect packages, that are...
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October 9     The Problem with the Peter’s Principle   Is there a harsher lesson than learning that love is not the same as trust?  This is a fact all the more painful because it is true.  Affection is not the safeguard of sanctity.  I am learning to steel myself to...
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This is not how I want to wake up in the morning. I received a notice from my bank that I had made a purchase at the Bentonville, AR Walmart, a place where I do not shop, followed by a notice from Walmart that my account information had been changed. I called Walmart to discover that my old credit...
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Well, there's a great book in here somewhere - to be written, I mean. Instead of a stash of diamonds or dire computer formulae, just have the McGuffin be a book. Or hundreds of books. But what is (to me) more intriguing is a) why stash them in your attic for decades and b) how did so...
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Ah, where to start? What a whirlwind trip I took to Japan! In a little more than a week, I hung out (usually for long periods) with 14 people, including four proofreaders, the main JOK web designer, and dictionary guru Jack Halpern.  Aside from all the ways in which I enjoyed these...
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I like having easy access to my money and being able to shop online. I don't have to pay high card fees because I have a debit card, even if it means that I often cannot buy or subscribe where I want because the vendor refuses to accept a debit card. Small problems really. But when I have to wait...
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I have been informed, more than once, that my novel about Kafka, where I 'replace' his missing diaries, should have some contemporary outer shell. As if there was a scholar or reporter who tracked down these diaries, and then published them. I think that is confusing and clutter. However, real life...
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The only thieves worth anything are the ones who steal your heart... Thank you Chloe and Nicole and Erik and so many others who teach me every day that my heart is worth being stolen... :-)
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I am so upset today. I found out one of my out of print titles was pirated andput on a file sharing site. Ironically people downloaded my book more than theybought it. But that is not what upset me. It was the fact that I contacted thewebsite and told them to take it down and cease sharing it. They...