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I'm blogging to let those who could not make it to my production on the 8th know how everything turned out and for those who were there and just wanted some behind the scenes information. I was thrilled with the turnout. I ran off 75 copies of the program and all but one was taken--and I know some...
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(c) 2009 Jeanne Powell"Word for Word"all rights reserved   Word for Word Performing Arts Company has a mission --  to tell great stories with elegant theatricality.  It stages performances of classic and contemporary fiction.  Founded in 1993 by Susan Harloe and JoAnne Winter,...
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``...the spirit of profound anarchy ... is at the root of all poetry'' _ Antonin Artaud. I came across recently, in a thrift store, a paperback copy of Italian playwright Dario Fo's ``We Can't Pay? We Won't Pay!'' with a forward by his wife, the actress and activist Franca Rame. Fo, now in his...
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I have been informed that my play GODOT ARRIVES will be performed in New Delhi this June.
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 Right before Christmas last year I went to Sacred Fools Theater to see Bill Robens' musical "Mulholland: A Christmas Carol." The play, the best written about Los Angeles since Luis Valdez's "Zoot Suit," shows the choice between greed or generosity and is particularly...
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THE OREGON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL THE 2009 SEASON: SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW AND A BIG BRASS BAND   There is something magic about driving up to Ashland, Oregon to enter a world where theater is far more than entertainment.  It is the raison d'être: the very justification for existence to everyone...
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My plays have points, purposes for which I write, meanings I hope to convey. Possibly clever, possibly profound, possibly worth the effort to discern.  Possibly not. Nevertheless, they point. Shakespeare's plays are pointless; they are beyond point. They are not text. They are theater. They are in...
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THEATER THAT WILL BREAK YOUR HEART: SOUVENIR AT ACT             I have always loved stories about Florence Foster Jenkins.  She was mentioned in a book called Eccentrics many years ago and last night at The Geary Theater I met someone who actually heard her sing. Apparently, she was as ridiculous...
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If you love gaudy, bawdy musicals, if you thrill to high energy glitz with amazing chorus lines that dazzle, and if you adore San Francisco, in all of its grime and glory, you owe it to yourself to see this exciting, edgy show that ridicules all the things that drive us wild:  the filthy pan...
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I have, with some difficulty, managed to upload on YouTube three scenes and three songs from the 1984 San Francisco production by the Angels of Light of CINDERELLA II, a show I conceived and wrote the book and lyrics for. They hold the stage pretty well, I believe. Remember, videotapes of live...