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I was invited along on a blog tour ride by my writer friend Mari Collier, who was raised in Iowa and yet isn’t dull at all. Thanks for the extra work, Mari – sheesh. But anyone who writes SF, historical fiction, and humor is worth the effort. She now lives in California, yet isn’t strange at all....
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I wake at six with sentences running around in my head. It's not nice. Especially when the house is icy cold and the storm threatens. It's not nice because I have to get up, ignore H when he asks me where I am going. Knowing that if I open my mouth the sentences will flow out into the ether and be...
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My latest story, That Empty House, has just come out in The Fiddleback (Fiddleback.com).  It's a tale of a boy delivering newspapers to a house inhabited by an agoraphobic woman (or he thinks she is in there.) The fact that a boy is delivering the newspaper automatically dates this tale. Kids...
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We all know what’s bad for our writing, right? Confusion, procrastination, fear. These are the things that plague us, torment us, block our creative process, and turn our writing to mush. We read blog posts about how to conquer them, we practice exercises to get around them, and we spend a lot of...
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Ever wonder what exactly happens at Pitchapalooza or how it can help you?    Well, here's one author's take on the event.    Take a peak! Hey, you never know, it just might be your story that we'll be posting next time! 
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When I was in high school in Indiana, my best friend Joe Kraemer and I would sometimes take what we called a “Creative Day,” which meant that we skipped school so we could work on outside projects– namely our writing and having fun. While our parents weren’t all too thrilled about this (when...
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Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.---Proverbs 14:4 The longer I've been writing the more I realize that very few "civilians" realize how messy the creative process is.  Creative people have messy cribs.  I mean in the figurative sense....
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Welcome, Beth! It's good to talk to you today. What is your book about? A Real Basket Case is the first book in my Claire Hanover gift basket designer mystery series. Originally released in hardcover and large-print in 2007 and a finalist for the 2007 Best First Novel Agatha Award, it is...
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My grandmamma Eleanor used to worry that my mom worked too hard.  She would say, “You poor thing, I wish you could take a break from that writing because look how exhausted it makes you.”  To which my mom would point out that it wasn’t the work itself that was so exhausting—it was the...
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http://www.fictionstudiobooks.com/Fiction_Studio_Books/Our_Blog/Our_Blog... When I began to think seriously of writing, it was always the most intricate, internal dynamics of characters that kept me coming back to create my fiction, even when I faced having to describe actual geography, and...