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Thursday, December 3rd, I'll be on The View From The Bay (my third time this year) doing a Photoguru segment on cool fun affordable gifts for your photo enthusiasts- perfect timing for the holiday season. Come to the taping and watch it live, check it out on your boob tube, DVR it, Tivo it, VCR it...
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Last week I went for a long ride, from my home in Danville, CA to my brother's home in Pittsburg, CA - it's about 25 miles as the crow flies, but I took the undulating route on the back streets, roads and trails, over a number of hills - a tough long ride.  I had my GoPro Helmet Hero Wide with me-...
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Next Tuesday I'll be back on The View From the Bay, a great afternoon lifestyle show on ABC Channel 7 KGO-TV in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm looking forward to seeing Janelle Wang and Spencer Christian again, the two great hosts, as well as the whole production staff. Continuing my goal to be...
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On Monday, February 23rd, had the pleasure of being on The View From the Bay - a wonderful afternoon San Francisco Bay Area show on KGO-TV Channel 7, hosted by Spencer Christian and Janelle Wang. We did a five-minute segment on taking family photos like a pro - it went very well and was a blast to...