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The Newtown Massacre | The Newtown Massacre

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I would hope that we can balance public safety with personal rights.  I have read that experts show that if the insurance industry for life, health, home, and business, made gun safety a risk that higher insurance rates could be charged.  I believe that we all have a right to public...
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Whenever something horrible happens the public and the media look for answers . . . factoids to explain what may be truly inexplicable.   Whatever information can be discovered is tossed out into public view in the hope that somehow a bunch of discrete facts and data points will...
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    As I mentioned before, my hometown Pleasant Hill is never in the news. P. Hill (one of the nicknames, others include Pleasant Hell or The Hill) is one of those towns that is quiet. Some things in the town need a reboot or an upgrade (the library, Sunvalley Mall) but never ever in the...
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  There are many reasons why one person kills another: jealousy, anger, accident, other. We understand these motivations without condoning the actions and we know, in most cases, it’s done with a gun. But we don’t understand mass killings, as in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora,...
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Weeping openly,I will go on weepingin silenceat the slaughter of the innocents,for those babeswhose lives were so brutally taken,the babes who cruelly perishedat the hands of a butcherwhose soul was rottenlong before his body.
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There are no words. This is a scar on our collective hearts.