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The Misunderstanding | The Misunderstanding

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  In the production of Albert Camus’s play The Misunderstanding that is now playing in downtown New York, the audience sits so close to the stage that it could be peering in the window of the grim little country inn in Bohemia in which the action takes place.  A lineup of white teacups on a rafter...
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He could not recognize me Just as Hannah Arendt's mother coulldn't recognize her Having preconceived notions Of what all women were like even as he wrote of his pain And I mirrored back my own And he said"I dont know you in real time" ANd I said"why not change that?" But he...
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 First a new movie, now a revived play.  Beginning October 29th, the Flea Theatre in Tribeca, an important Off-Off Broadway stage, is hosting a production of Camus's 1944 play The Misunderstanding, about a chilling case of mistaken identity.  It has been decades since I last saw it, so I will go.  ...