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Elegy for a Stillborn Story, my new essay in The Millions, is up here.
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I'm so excited to have my essay, Traveling by Faith: Thoughts on Being an Iranian American Writer, appear in The Millions.   Have a look here.
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It has come to my attention that a favorite interview question for authors, especially debut authors, is what you did before you were a published. There is the vague compulsion when answering that the more outlandish, the better. The idea is that the reader, and aspiring authors out there, are...
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Occasionally I take a look at The Millions Blog just to see what is shaking. Today I looked at it and was surprised to see that of the top ten books in 2009 as of November Dave Eggers is on the list, twice. I'm not saying Dave Eggers isn't talented (I can't do that I have yet to finish one of his...