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The Kids Are All Right | The Kids Are All Right

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Congratulations to Annette Bening on her Oscar nomination in THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, for the role described by the NYT as "a controlling lesbian."  I say it's about time!  Time not just for Annette Bening to get an Oscar. It s way  past time for controlling lesbian to be so honored....
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Went to a movie on Saturday night, and it was good, perhaps the third really good movie I've seen this summer.  It is an American movie, "The Kids are All Right," and it is directed by a woman, Lisa Cholodenko, and set in LA.  An almost French (pause) American movie, about relationships,...
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On Sunday night, my galpal and I joined a sold-out crowd of moviegoers to see the much-anticipated The Kids Are All Right at the tiny Ptown Theater. The a.c. was a bonus. The crowd at the early show was mostly Well of Loneliness era women in pairs and posses. Quite frankly, I was looking forward to...
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Because I wanted a peek into my not-so-distant future, I ran over to San Francisco to catch the first showing of Sundance favorite The Kids Are All Right, a film that could be the sequel to my own family's story. Like the movie, my two teenagers were conceived with the sperm of an unknown donor...