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On the day after Christmas it is not uncommon for many of us to raise our heads and wonder, "What the Hell Just Happened?" And, who the Hell is Santa Claus, really?  That's the question we never asked as kids. We did not care. Santa brought gifts. That's all we wanted from the dude. ...
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Saw "The Hobbit" today. I was disappointed.  It wasn't the book that I remembered. I hadn't read any reviews of it.  After LOFR, I had high expectations.   So I was going to write what I liked and disliked about TH but as I was looking up some trivia, I discovered a review who put...
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By J. R. Wagner       Yes, I figured it is time to throw my hat into the ring now that my Google alerts for 'The Hobbit' topped 140 hits since sometime this morning.  Late? Of course, I'm a writer, not a journalist.   That being said, I have as much right as every fan...
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Childhood reading Like the smell of woodsmoke – which always takes me back to a narrow sun-striped Majorcan street lined with tall houses, silent in the afternoon heat, on a long-ago holiday when I was eight years old – certain books take me back to the particular place and time when I first...
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PERHAPS the biggest challenge for an author like me, publishing literary fiction under my own imprint, is to get the word out. One has to work mainly with the kindness of strangers, which means getting books to reviewers and hoping that among the 200,000 books published from companies each year...