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The Glorious World Cup | The Glorious World Cup

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It was a glorious day on Sunday for the Glorious World Cup when the glorious Liane Hanson interviewed me and my glorious partner in crime Alan Black on Weekend Edition.  She was absolutely the pro's pro.  I'm afraid I have a bit of a radio crush on her at this point. five days till kickoff, the...
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 Thanks once again to Huffington Post for giving me some love.  Nice to seeWorld Cup fever is spreading.   http://huff.to/c4OEri
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Short review:  The funniest thing I've read since Bill Bryson or Terry Pratchett (and better than both of those because of the pictures), and the best history book since "1066 and All That." I made the mistake of reading it at preschool.  Nine children, two teachers, and six mothers all...
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Riotous villains & super heroes, hardmen & hooligans: pound-for-pound the laugh-out-loud funniest guide for the soccer masses to South Africa 2010 http://www.davidhenrysterry.com/the-glorious-world-cup-gets-love-from-library-journal/      
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  TheGlorious World Cup shoutout from MEWS for May 15, 3pm Watchung BookstoreMontclair New Jersey   http://mewsie.org/2010/event-the-glorious-world-cup-watchung-bookstore/   [again,thanks so much for your help, I hope all is well with you.  Would you makesure this goes into the blog section of...