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The U.S. government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in 2010, there were 145,900 writers and authors in America, and that the median income was $55,420 per year, or almost $27 per hour. The bureau predicted that in the next decade 9,500 new writers and authors will be added to the list. Just...
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Luke James's latest writing venture is at: http://youtu.be/pm_FPmxi1Ok Meanwhile back in London, 1980... The rest of the band show up and watch the set along with the fifty or so punters jammed into the cellar. Something happens, I don’t know if U2’s good-natured enthusiasm is infectious, maybe it’...
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The Edge is a blog examining edgy and trendsetting fiction, its place on the edge of adult and young adult, and the controversy surrounding banning books. "If you haven't gone too far, you haven't gone far enough." Read, follow, or comment on the blog here www.williamfriskey.blogspot....