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Our dear friend Imre Molnar was an Australian, provost of a major art college, artist, lecturer, dynamic influence upon the U.S. automobile industry--and motorcyclist practically raised on trips through the outback. In  the final pages of my novel THE DEADLY BUDDHA, I wanted the major male...
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(NOTE: This is the 2nd part of the Bob Yehling interview with William Thompson (Tom) Ong)  After he retired from a long career in the advertising industry, William Thompson Ong knew he wanted to return to his other love –writing – but didn’t know where to start. Like other writers, he wanted...
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Note: the following is an interview from RedRoom member Robert Yehling's Word Journeys blog. William Thompson Ong, or Tom as his friends know him, has created quite a stir with thriller readers in the past 12 months with his trilogy of novels featuring journalist-protagonist-amateur sleuth Kate...
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As the author of the Kate Conway series, I never thought I’d get  excited about writing jacket copy. But the idea of forcing my sexy, intrepid investigative reporter—my stubbornly serious major character who looks upon fashion as a terminal illness—into becoming a fashionista was just too...
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My favorite female protagonist is back in action. Flame-haired investigative reporter Kate Conway returns in THE DEADLY BUDDHA. And my readers have fallen for her, head over Kindles.   “Talk about new age heroines,” wrote one reviewer. “Kate is a natural blend of intellect, power,...