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We ate bad tonight. Stopped at the Playwright after doing some country side cruising. My side of the bad eating was a cheeseburger with fries and an IPA, with a side salad. We ordered our fod but they hadn't mentioned the fries. They weren't large portions, which also helped. It was my first beer...
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It's a chilly morning, 40. Rain fell all night and the sky seems ready to deliver more.  Yesterday's walk was in rain, cold, relentless drops. I went in the late afternoon, after I finished work, starting in pleasant sunshine.  Half a mile in, the winds shifted. Clouds gained momentum and...
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Today is a crumpled sock.Wooly with muted rainbow stripes,of chocolate, mint green, andyellow crunch. Acknowledge your crumpledness,crumpled sock. Stretch out,Smooth your wrinkles, pick off the lint. Face the day—in all your crumpledness!
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Years back when I was at an art college, one of the students exhibited all the things he had used, collected and put into sachets or drawn. It was then quite a novelty, to a student like me who was preoccupied with trying to draw and paint landscapes and models (the latter was kept warm by an...