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The Dark Knight Rises | The Dark Knight Rises

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    Watching The Dark Knight Rises (now out on DVD) the other night, I flashed on a more precise understanding of what we mean by the term “comic book movie.” I also understood a little more why these movies fail to enchant many critics and moviegoers, including me (who may find...
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Quick questions to test your memory. 1.  Who is the President of the United States? 2.  What did you eat for breakfast yesterday? 3.  Was was the name of the Sandy Hook Elementary School killer? 4.  How many people were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, 2012? 5...
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The new tale is up on the Cat-Tales website.  Wayne Rises.  The titular Mr. Wayne will be happy (and others astonished) to discover you can do this without a fetid hole in the ground. The war is over.  Bane is gone, Falcone is gone.  But war rarely means the end of anything....
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Photo: The Dark Knight Rises poster, from its Wikipedia page.   One of the few movies I've ever considered going to the midnight screening for.  I didn't end up doing that, but I did see it at noon of the next day.  I've been waiting for this since the 500th time I saw The Dark...
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Last night I saw Dark Knight Rises at the Universal Boardwalk AMC Theatre in Los Angeles.  In front there was one of the cars displayed from the movie on that shiny shiny boardwalk that looks like Hollywood did a hurl on it.  I looked at my movie partner for this Batman movie (this time...
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A 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer cut entirely from episodes of 'Batman: The Animated Series.' Epic Win! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btMtwz4P0fc  
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There really is no way to explain the feeling seeing your humble little book consulted on the set of the multi-million dollar blockbuster that will define a character for a generation: via Cat-Tales via Cat-Tales   via Cat-Tales  
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It’s been forever since I did one of those weekly updates, hasn’t it?  Let’s see, what all has been happening…I got a new laptop, henceforth to be known as My Precious. As long-time readers are aware, the previous laptop was originally known as Precious, but as Adobe Programs and Second Life...
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O for a muse of #fire, that would be-tag The brightest heaven of invention. Asked am I to blog as bard of old, Who trades his quill for keywords, And asks for humble patience, When posts do run too long. Glad am I, in truth, to change the venue. Much news comes now, and daily, Regarding Bat and Cat...
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The forthcoming film “The Dark Knight Rises,” of the Batman series, will feature Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Tom Hardy has been cast as “Bane,” who will likely be the chief bad guy in the film. However good the news of casting is, the news is bittersweet. Chris Nolan is not going to make another...