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My younger sister, Beanie, is a tiny thing compared to the rest of us. Even her two boys tower over her like giants. She is a gentle soul -- most of the time -- and cares for people and animals even when the people and animals are dangerous or simply mean. She always forgives first and she is...
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South Dakota banned abortion back in 2006, but it is only one of several states, including Arkansas, that has tried to severely restrict a woman's access to legal abortion.    Indeed, the Roe v. Wade deconstructionists have been chipping away at a woman's legal access to a clinically safe abortion...
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Hate speech and new immigration laws are in the news nearly every day, along with the public outcry, and the calls for stronger laws against both are followed by legislation piled on more legislation. And it is not just hate speech being targeted, but any negative speech about the government and...
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As a child and a teenager, freedom meant one thing: being able to do what I wanted to do instead of what I was told to do. That meant staying up late, going out on dates and coming home late, choosing my own clothes, not having to check in every five minutes and being responsible for no one but...