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  Usually the days after New Year's is when you put the wreath and decorations away. The tree finds its way to the curb. Valentine's Day sneaks in the back door with singing porcupines saying "I'm a Hunka Hunka Burning Love." But wait! There's one more holiday we must celebrate. You might be...
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The iconic creator of Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch has died today. His television writing credits include The Joan Davis Show, My Favorite Martian, The Red Skelton Hour, It’s About Time, and  Harper Valley P.TA. In 1961, he received an Emmy for his work with Red Skelton. Schwartz began...
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Okay, so this will make me sound nerdy, but I'll go for it.  I am super-excited to write even more because I have two old-fashioned ledgers now, after helping move my 104-year old grandmother (yes, 104) move into a new, smaller assisted-living room.  As the elder will do, she was very intent on...
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Hearing the news today that former child star Gary Coleman had passed away at the age of 42 reminded me of the gruesome day in 1983 when I sat in a spacious office in the "Diff'rent Strokes" bungalo on the Universal Studios lot, pitching story ideas to the show's producers and staff...