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Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States     I don’t often give movie reviews this degree of treatment, but Stone’s  story here is an ultra-long documentary, and it’s somewhat important for what it accomplishes. In the movie’s preamble Stone professes to be disturbed by...
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My cousin in Minnesota wrote an email to many of his relatives including me asking us to think about Iran’s nuclear goals and our own bombs. I grew up in the late fifties and sixties worried about the bomb. In grade school, we had drills where we’d have to duck and cover in the hallway in case of a...
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When did the mantra “never again” become “here we go again?”  Here is one nation (Iran) vowing to wipe another nation (Israel) off the map. This intended destruction is based solely on religious hatred towards Jews. Iran and Israel share no borders, and Israel is not intent on stealing Iran’s...