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Why We Write ... By Bernadette A. Moyer What makes a writer? Why do we write? Letters, cards, notes, articles, poetry, stories, essays, blogs and books, what makes us do it? Some of the best songs start with the lyrics, that desire to write and to communicate and a need and/or want/wish to be heard...
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Bob Newhart, among television’s most enduring stars with shows stretching back more than five decades, openly wept as he finally captured his first Emmy. The 84-year old comedian was honored at Sunday’s creative arts Emmy ceremony for his guest role last season on The Big Bang Theory as...
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Walked down through the blustery March winds of drizzly November to The Beanery to commence the writing day.  After getting my drink, I looked over, and there sits Doctor Leornard Hofstadter. I mean, it's not really him but a doppelganger.  He has the same body shape, hair parted in a the...