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THE ARTIST’S WAY by Julia Cameron, along with some of her other books, have been incredibly influential in my life and have spurred my writing career. In case you’re unfamiliar with her work, I like to describe THE ARTIST’S WAY and some of the others as do-it-yourself therapy for artists. I...
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It may seem like I’m always cleaning and tossing and finding. Well, yes, I do continue to weed out the clutter. I think it’s a life long process. I’ve got to stay on top of it. And so, yes I did get rid of a few more papers and I saw a slim folder with only three sheets of writing in it. Two I...
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All writers need tools (Or should I say crutches?) to give them a boost when their writing is not going well.  In my case, make that twelve.  Twelve little crutches to support me as I limp through "The Between," from creating to publishing my work.  Morning Journal.  First thing every...