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http://artoflivingguide.org,  the not-for-profit based on the same premise as the book, 'The Art of Living'  (Kairós, 2009) was launched nearly 3 years ago, and since then, over 161 people from all over the world have visited our website, sharing their thoughts, experiences, poems and...
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We took a few days to travel to the town of Kampot, Cambodia and decided to move there. In two weeks we will be settled in for a time. We found an old wooden house, in immaculate condition, on the riverfront. It isn't in the main part of town, which is still a collection of interesting French...
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I am pleased and delighted to announce that the United Nations' Alliance of Civilizations (www.unaoc.org), recently commended by Barack Obama, has recognized 'The Art of Living' as contributing to the objectives of the Alliance and will post information about 'The Art of Living' website (currently...
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You may be wondering why all the reviews and media links for The Art of Living are in Spanish - well, that's because there are two versions, El Arte de Vivir (Spanish) and The Art of Living (English), and the English edition hasn't been officially 'released' yet! (Although it can be pre-ordered on...