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Extremism weakens an argument and such is the case with Gardner in the following excerpt from his The Art of Fiction: "One trouble with having read nothing worth reading is that one never fully understands the other side of one's argument, never understands that the argument is an old one (all...
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Photo--The book's page on Amazon (obviously). Like John Gardiner's book, The Art of Fiction, this one is very helpful because of its honest directness and simplicity.  An easy read, it sounds like she's in the room, talking only to you.  An important work because it dispels advice on...
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The kids are back in school. The dog has gone back to her full time occupation - sleeping on the couch. And I have the freedom to obsess about writing once again. Glee! I've hunkered down with John Gardner the last couple of days. Writer/professor/Breadloaf speaker, most known for his nonfiction...
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Reading Louis Menand’s feature, “Show or Tell, Should Creative Writing be taught?” in The New Yorker, June 8 – 15. What’s surprising, speaking personally, is the intensity of this longing I have to teach. Working as a (part-time) editor-consultant-coach to a few selected writers, but it’s the...